My Shingles Are Gone!

“After using Relievz on my Shingles for a few days, the needle pains in my feet, the swelling and the blisters went away! It’s gone! It’s Great!”

Darlene H.

I Can Sleep Now!

“For about a month, I was using Relievz® on my right foot, trying to get some relief from my very active neuropathy; active enough to keep me from sleeping. And it worked! No. I didn’t get rid of my neuropathy, but did quiet those ‘dancing night pricks,’ so I could get some sleep.”


10+ Years Of Pain Relieved!

“I want to applaud you on your recent creation Relievz. I don’t completely understand how it works, BUT it does. My experience with foot tingling is long term … 10 to 12 years and have never found anything that touched the problem. Relievz® applied at bedtime for six nights in a row, and I realized it was gone … I left it off and the next night it was back. I then returned to its application every night. It is a miracle and simple to apply. “

John L.

My Rash Was Gone Overnight!

“I developed a rash and it would not go away. I tried everything that I could find and nothing would touch it. A friend gave me a bottle of Relievz to try and I put it on the rash before I went to bed. When I woke up the rash was gone! Wow! I love this stuff! “

Carson J..

Pain From Nerve Injury

“I had a heavy glass table top fall on my foot. My foot became very painful. I saw my personal physician who treated me for several months. The pain was sharp and grew worse. I had to take a leave of absence from my work and consulted with my Podiatrist. He gave me Relievz® lotion. After using Relievz®, the excruciating pain was significantly reduced. Three weeks later, my pain is almost non-existent.”

George F.

Sleeping Better, Pain Gone!

“I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to the rub on skin lotion Relievz®. Since diabetes became a part of my life (six years ago), I have been subjected to continuous burning sensations, as well as electric like spiking sensations in my feet. This condition is most aggravating at night, as it disrupts my sleep. Since I started using Relievz®, the condition of burning sensations, as well as the lightning strikes have been totally eliminated and I enjoy normal sleep. Again, many thanks.”

Robert M.

My Pain Is Totally Gone!

“I have been dealing with numbness and pain in my foot for quite some time now and I was not able to put a sock on my foot or at night put a sheet on to cover my foot, because the pain and burning sensation never seemed to leave. I have tried everything that I could find that was sold on the market to bring me some relief and nothing seemed to help. After two weeks of using Relievz®, the pain on top of my foot was totally gone! Thank you so much! Relievz® is the greatest!”

Sharon B.

I Got Excellent Results!

“I used the product on my joints that are very painful. Excellent results. Nerves were being pinched by swelling. Also used the product on my side from painful nerve needle like pain. Great Product!

Laura B.