Relievz® is a very unique serum that helps restore the health of the vital nerves damaged by disease, injury or by radiation and chemotherapy.
So unique that the serum ingredients inventor, Daniel Murray, was awarded a patent by the United States government. The Scientist that developed Relievz® spent five years perfecting its unique ability to provide intensive relief from the pain of frayed and damaged nerves.
Daniel was the former Chairman of the Board for the Research and Development Associates, a joint civilian task force for the development of the food systems for all of the Armed forces. Mr. Murray was awarded an Honorary Doctor’s degree for His work in the Food Industry.
The Relievz® serum formula ingredients help restore the vital nerve life of your body cells. Relievz® serum is the only serum formula that intensively delivers needed nutrition to the damaged nerve cells so they can be restored to their original vitality.
Imagine frayed, damaged nerves becoming free of pain through the nutritive effects of the Relievz® serum.  Unlike other pain relievers, you can stop applying Relievz® when the damaged nerve pain is gone, eliminating the need for prolonged use.